Starrett No 185 Time Saver: Drill and Tap Drill Gauge Chart

Back in the day, this was a “chart”:

Starret No 185 Time Saver Chart - front

Starret No 185 Time Saver Chart – front

The back sports an 1889 copyright date:

Starret No 185 Time Saver Chart - back

Starret No 185 Time Saver Chart – back

It’s a steel slab about 3/16 inch thick.

Perhaps the original owner, one “E Dunbeck”, scribed his name on the back. Perhaps he gave / sold it to Mad Phil, who passed it on to me. Although I may not use it much, it has a place of honor in the tool cabinet…

You could get a new 185 Time Saver direct from Starrett, with the front and back sides reversed: same holes, mostly the same printing, just flipped.

Verily, they don’t make ’em like they used to!

  1. #1 by Joseph Chiu on 2013-06-30 - 15:01

    They sure don’t! I have a drill size chart of a more recent vintage, made in plastic, only about 2 mm thick…

    • #2 by Ed on 2013-06-30 - 20:44

      That thing might even predate plastic

  2. #3 by Rajaj on 2013-07-05 - 08:10

    Mad Phil is not mad if he collects such gems! I have a bunch inherited from my ham mentor Les King (vu2ak). The tools must be 70 years old and still good. Such tools deserve a place of honor.

    • #4 by Ed on 2013-07-05 - 08:30

      such gems!

      We decided he had a good assortment of treasure and trash, as does everyone, with many of the treasures requiring a certain techie outlook on life.

      Of late, I’ve begun to improve the mix in the Basement Laboratory Warehouse Wing by wheeling no unfilled trash can to the end of the driveway… [grin]