3D Printing Show-n-Tell

So the local hackerspace put on a show in Highland and, being the guy with the 3D printer, I volunteered for a few hours of stand-up comedy.

A pile of stuff provided talking points:

3D Printing This Way - with clutter

3D Printing This Way – with clutter

Four pages of solid model images on nice glossy photo paper let me talk about what must happen before the plastic emerges:

I loves me some OpenSCAD modeling, yes, I do…

Signage festooned with sample critters dragged ’em in off the street:

3D Printing This Way - signs on post

3D Printing This Way – signs on post

The printer produced a steady stream of tiny owls:

M2 - Mini owl on platform

M2 – Mini owl on platform

And the ever-popular whistle:

M2 - Whistle on platform

M2 – Whistle on platform

A good time was had by all!

  1. #1 by Andrew on 2013-06-04 - 01:01

    3D printing “that” way, surely? :)

    • #2 by Ed on 2013-06-04 - 07:22

      They handed me a pre-printed piece of paper and let me trace over the lines & letters. Then I pasted my cute figures in place! It was just like first grade!

      Truth: the signs came from a new vinyl cutter with a pen in place of the knife. This was the first attempt at using it as a plotter and everybody was so excited that nobody worried about proper diction… [grin]

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