Creeping Toward Metrication

Spotted this in a Lowe’s sale circular:

Granite Countertop - mixed units
Granite Countertop – mixed units

The thickness comes from the manufacturer and the area from the installer, so it all makes perfect sense…

Besides, 3 cm sounds much fancier than 1-3/16 inch, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Creeping Toward Metrication

  1. Heh. Reminds me of my IC days. Except for National Semi (home of Rubylith layouts and other dinosaur moves), we had a steady mix of metric and imperial measurements. Usually, XY geometries on the die were in metric, with the die (usually) in mm, but the thickness was almost always in mils. We were still using mils for prober overtravel (Z-axis) when I retired in 2001.

    National used metric a little bit–a lot of processing parameters worked better in metric.

    1. a lot of processing parameters worked better in metric

      I’m really glad the RepRap folks started with millimeters and stayed that way: nothing else would make sense!

  2. and stayed that way

    I think that’s the key. My machine tools (and fasteners) are inch-centric and barring the odd repair job, I can stay that way. I keep a calculator in the toolbox drawer and my Mitutoyo caliper speaks both inch and metric, so I’m set. If I started metric, I’d probably stay, but switching back and forth is the road to madness. I have enough miles on that road. [grin]

    FWIW, making progress on Baroque Linux installation. I haven’t (yet) bothered to set up the Win 7 Dell so that it speaks directly to a Linux box, (fixable, but it needs a regiustry edit), so files go from a download to the Dell, then across to the Sony, thence to a P2 RedHat 7 box for checkout. I have all the files loaded and checked (minus exotic languages). I should(!) be able to make a boot stick for the Sony, then load the files either with network, or I’ll go fully Rococco and put the 10GB drive holding Slackware into the Sony. Not sure if it makes sense to do a RH installation on the Sony to get the filesystem ready. Whee!

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