Monthly Image: Woodpecker Explorations

Woodpecker explorations - 1050x1680
Woodpecker explorations – 1050×1680

This wonderful texture lives at the top of Cochran Hill Road, where I spotted it on a recent walk. That tiny hole on the right trunk suggests more trouble than meets the human eye…

It’s now a background for the portrait monitor.

6 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Woodpecker Explorations

  1. Quite possibly an Elm with Dutch Elm disease? Looks like the multiple trunks have already taken their toll from the looks of the old wound.

    1. IIRC, that one’s a maple, but I’d have to check when the leaves come out again; my tree-fu is pitifully weak.

      There aren’t many elms left around here…

  2. I don’t know about American maples, but our maples are (mostly) smooth while elm bark looks like that. Of course there are other trees with similar bark, but no maples. :P

    That said, I don’t know what advanced iepenziekte (elm sickness/disease*) looks like because we cut and strip the trees as soon as yellow-leaf symptoms start showing.

    * NB It originated in Asia. The Dutch part has to do with Dutch botanists I imagine.

    1. our maples are (mostly) smooth

      We walked over there yesterday and Mary says it’s some kind of maple, but not the Norway Maple she thought it might be.

      We’ll know more in a few months: the buds on the branch tips seem ready for warmer weather!

      1. Heh, that’s funny. This Norway maple you speak of apparently grows in most of Europe except the Netherlands and Belgium.

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