Yes, Giant Heatshrink Tubing Shrinks 50%, Too

Even though I know heatshrink tubing contracts by (or to) 50% of its expanded size, this was still startling:

Giant heatshrink tubing test
Giant heatshrink tubing test

That’s a test for another repair on the never sufficiently to be damned Samsung vacuum cleaner, about which, more later.

Memo to Self: Pre-shrink the tubing about 3/4 of the way.

3 thoughts on “Yes, Giant Heatshrink Tubing Shrinks 50%, Too

  1. I’m surprised that HP didn’t object to the Quiet Jet name–those were the second generation printers marketed as QuietJet (1st gen [ThinkJet] used the IEEE-488 bus) that still used the 1st gen thimble type cartridge. I think the QuietJet fell off the market in the late 80s when the color printers came out.

    FWIW, we’ve had good luck with Eureka uprights. (No ideas on canisters.) Maintainable and affordable for consumables, including drive belts. Just watch out for the cheap one that blows pet hair (or other light dust) around on bare floors. The HEPA vacuums don’t have this problem. (rear discharge)

    1. HP didn’t object to the Quiet Jet name

      Printers and vacuum cleaners probably have such different markets that there’s no trademark confusion… although I’m sure HP could spin up a lawyer to argue otherwise.

      The obvious search terms produce both results, so there was an abrupt change. We’ll never know the rest of the story, alas.

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