Beaver Engineering

Beaver-gnawed stump on DCRT at Lake Walton
Beaver-gnawed stump on DCRT at Lake Walton

I spotted this bit of engineering while riding on the Dutchess Rail Trail at Lake Walton:

Evidently, the beaver stopped just before the tree toppled, because the last cut looks very much like a chainsaw.

I didn’t spot their lodge out in the lake; they may have tucked it under the bank below the railroad bed.

If they keep this up, they’re sure to get trapped and moved somewhere they can’t interfere with our enjoyment of the natural landscape along the rail trail. [wince]

4 thoughts on “Beaver Engineering

  1. Our area (semi-arid, 4300 feet elevation) has mostly Ponderosa pine and junipers for softwood, and aspen for the hardwood. One of our neighbors put in a bunch of fruit trees on her riverside garden. As part of the “riparian entertainment*” a local beaver harvested several of the trees. Must have been tasty. Now, what’s left of the orchard has fencing around it…

    We had our first morning since Sunday where the local low was above 0 F. Yeah! The snow that fell as powder turned into something like sea salt.

    *H/T Keeping up Appearances

    1. what’s left of the orchard

      Ever notice how “letting Nature take its course” stops just after the plantings disappear? [grin]

      I suspect very few of the deer fanciers around here have vegetable gardens…

      1. In a similar vein are those who let the brush grow up to the house “because it’s natural”. So are wildfires. Fortunately, this is/was a logging area, and it’s no big deal to turn a few (or a couple dozen) trees into firewood. My mother-in-law lives in a town in California where you have a maximum number of trees you can cut per year, fire hazard or no. Makes me glad I moved from that state 9 years ago.

        I’ve heard deer described as “rats of the woods”. Close enough. Squirrels are bad enough. Had to make our greenhouse squirrel-proofresistant last year. Bugger liked tomatoes, green or red.

        1. let the brush grow up to the house

          Sounds like a self-correcting problem to me…

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