Poster-izing PDFs

For reasons best left to the imagination, we needed some large signs for the front yard. I must look this up every time I do it, so here’s the process…

  • Create document in LibreOffice (or whatever), save as PDF
  • Convert PDF to EPS = Encapsulated Postscript
  • Apply poster to enlarge & paginate
  • Convert PS to PDF for ease of printing

Bash does the heavy lifting, after you install whatever packages your Linux distro may not have included:

pdftops -eps OnePage.pdf
poster -v -m Letter -p20x28i -o

Then it’s a simple matter of a cutting mat, a razor knife, a glue stick, and some tape…

Memo to Self: Align the lower row along the hardwood floor planks!


  1. #1 by madbodger on 2012-12-30 - 08:38

    I’ve done that, but since my printer supports PS, I send the subdivided chunks directly to the printer. Then I bought a cheap Chinese vinyl cutter, which is wonderful for making such signs, as well as many other uses.

    • #2 by Ed on 2012-12-30 - 10:28

      send the subdivided chunks directly to the printer

      I’ve been afraid to do that, ever since the Laserjet gnawed its way through a substantial stack of paper due to a slight misunderstanding on my part… [wince]

      a cheap Chinese vinyl cutter

      The Sherline might be able to cut little teeny signs using ordinary G-Code and a drag cutter; I should pick up a set of blades and kludge a ball-bearing spindle mount… not very useful for the front yard, though.