Tea Ball Revivial: Bleaching

As promised, pix of the tea ball bleaching process (it’s plant pot bleaching time again). Before:

Tea ball – before bleaching

And After a few minutes in a 10% bleach solution:

Tea ball – after bleaching

The pix don’t do it justice; the thing comes out looking like new. Every half-year, like clockwork!

Of course, one could argue that tea does even worse things to my interior, but …

8 thoughts on “Tea Ball Revivial: Bleaching

  1. I can remember some of the old ‘teapots’ back in the UK, you could quite literally scrape ‘it’ off the insides. Some of the real ‘old-timers’ would not allow the pot to be cleaned claiming it spoilt the flavour.

    1. claiming it spoilt the flavour

      Might make it better, but it seems one can get used to anything by doing it long enough.

      Even drinking tea in the morning, sez Mary, who abhors the stuff.

    1. Somehow I never developed a taste for that stuff.

      Green tea seems less injurious all around, but I admit it’s also an acquired taste.

        1. That link produces only a blank Facebook page with a “Sign up” button and “Connect and share with the people in your life” exhortation at the top. WP shows me the same preview, so they get the same result, too.

          The full link looks like this: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150098514806882.304824.742421881&type=1&l=d8c1b2298f

          The browser title briefly shows “Coffee Estate”, so the link is probably close to what you meant, but not quite spot on. I sheared off the last chunk of gibberish, which produced a “Page not available” message.

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