Sink Soap Dispenser Pump: Nozzle Fitting

The absurdly heavy pump nozzle atop the kitchen sink soap dispenser seemed more wobbly than usual. Some investigation suggested the fitting atop the plastic pump has gotten smaller, which may be due to having the nozzle wobble around on it.

In any event, a wrap of Kapton tape snugged it up just fine:

Sink soap dispenser pump
Sink soap dispenser pump

We’ll see how long that lasts; this thing may be nearing the end of its useful life.

2 thoughts on “Sink Soap Dispenser Pump: Nozzle Fitting

  1. what, no CNC-turned precision tapered brass bushing? :) (but srsly, I’d think the adhesive on the kapton is probably not long for this world… something like heatshrink would’ve been my first choice, but maybe too thick.)

    1. maybe too thick

      That’s exactly the situation: the pump head wobbled on the plastic tube, but the additional clearance was a few mils, tops. A wrap of tape added enough thickness to restore a snug fit and, because it’s compressed in normal use, should last for a while. That’s the plan, anyway…

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