Painted Lady Butterflies

Painted Lady butterflies seem to be spreading northward, along with the Giant Swallowtails, and three visited the Butterfly Bush at the front window:

Painted Lady - dorsal
Painted Lady – dorsal

The underwing shows four eye spots as distinguishing features:

Painted Lady - underwing
Painted Lady – underwing

Painted Ladies have odd-looking “faces” on their front end:

Painted Lady - front
Painted Lady – front

The proboscis works wonderfully well on deeper flowers than these, but they’re not passing anything up:

Painted Lady - proboscis
Painted Lady – proboscis

Another view:

Painted Lady - right side
Painted Lady – right side

The refueling tube stows neatly for flight:

Painted Lady - proboscis curled
Painted Lady – proboscis curled

One had a few notches taken from a wing:

Painted Lady - left rear
Painted Lady – left rear

You can’t ask for prettier colors:

Painted Lady - right front
Painted Lady – right front

These are all hand-held with the DSC-H5 wearing the 1.7 teleadapter, underexposed by 1 stop to keep the dark background from burning out the butterfly colors. The images are very close to dot-for-dot crops from much larger pictures, with a touch of unsharp mask, and no color fiddling at all; bright daylight and a gorgeous subject come out beautifully!

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