Aphids on Milkweed

We have a fine patch of milkweed in the back yard that attracts & nourishes the Monarch butterfly fleet. One of the plants also attracted a dense aphid population:

Aphids on milkweed

Aphids on milkweed

They’re pretty much featureless orange blobs, although the one on the edge of the leaf at the upper right does show off its legs & antennae:

Aphids on milkweed - detail

Aphids on milkweed – detail

Where are the ladybugs when you need them?


  1. #1 by Aki on 2012-08-18 - 12:08

    Did not know they are commercially available off-the-shelf components for debugging…

    • #2 by Ed on 2012-08-18 - 20:29

      The ladybugs are all perfectly natural around here, although Mary does buy BT and nematodes by the bazillion