Harvestman Colloquium

For some reason known only to them, one of our kitchen windows attracted a congregation of harvestmen for several mornings in a row:

Harvestmen on window screen

Harvestmen on window screen

A trio appeared on the end of a honeysuckle tendril that’s making its way up a pillar supporting the roof over the patio:

Harvestmen on honeysuckle

Harvestmen on honeysuckle

It certainly appears they’re deep in discussion…

They’re harmless and they’re outside, so we let them be!

  1. #1 by Aki on 2012-08-12 - 03:44

    Even they carry ticks, albeit the ones are harmless to humans.


    • #2 by Ed on 2012-08-12 - 07:04

      It’s parasites all the way down …

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