Garden Dragonfly Ornament: Eye Re-Repair

Alas, urethane glue didn’t hold the eye marbles in the garden dragonfly ornament for very long. Although the cured glue had a wonderfully smooth surface where it contacted the balls and it had plenty of contact area, that wasn’t enough.

This time, I used acrylic caulk that should stay gummy enough to maintain a good grip:

Garden Dragonfly ornament - re-reglued eye marbles
Garden Dragonfly ornament – re-reglued eye marbles

The next step, I suppose, will be to drill a hole in each ball for a stud and epoxy the things in place…

2 thoughts on “Garden Dragonfly Ornament: Eye Re-Repair

  1. Machine shop notes, electronics, code tweaks, CURIOSITIES

    …assuming this is the latter…

    I like it! You cannot bear to throw anything away LOL

    1. cannot bear to throw anything away

      Aye, that’s a real problem around here; when we throw something away, it’s junk! [grin]

      The winner in that category was a cute fabric ladybug garden ornament with a wind-turned spinner in the middle that delighted a very young lady. The plastic shaft failed after a few months, to be replaced by a brass bushing: it spun better than ever. Then the spinner mount fell off, to be reinstalled with a blob of epoxy. All of that lasted for years, until the ladybug disintegrated, which left us with just the spinner. Then after maybe a decade, the spinner fabric rotted away, at which point I forced myself to not salvage the fiberglass pole…

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