Repairing Bike Tubes

Now that I carry a spare tube on the bike to avoid on-the-road patching, a tangle of tubes has been accumulating in the Basement Laboratory. A protracted patching session shows why you can never have too many clamps:

Repaired bike tubes with clamps
Repaired bike tubes with clamps

Yes, I know they’re supposed to be ready to ride immediately after slapping the patch in place. Clamping the patch overnight won’t hurt and might actually help eliminate slow leaks, soooo… after this, they’re rolled up and ready for another season of punctures.

Repairing tubes goes much easier in the shop than by the side of the road, though. For what it’s worth, those silicone tape pads didn’t help much at all; the tube still eroded at the liner. Grumble…

2 thoughts on “Repairing Bike Tubes

  1. I put slime tubes in my kids’ tires and don’t worry any more. They ride off-road here in Texas with cactus and these thorny seed things that have spikes just long enough to pierce a tube. Since I put them in I’ve had nothing to worry about. They wouldn’t handle a cut, though, just punctures.

    1. slime tubes

      It’s been a quiet year on the puncture front so far, but I can see Slime in my future if last year’s trend continues!

      The catch will be getting that goop inside a Presta-valved tube; AFAICT there are no removable-core 20 inch Presta tubes. On the other paw, we don’t have many front-tire flats, so maybe I can just ignore the front tires entirely.

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