Toyota Sienna: Hatch Latch Handle Replacement

Sienna hatch - replacement latch

Sienna hatch – replacement latch

The replacement metal latch handle fit perfectly and works fine.

That skinny protruding arm shouldn’t break off, but now it has a metal-to-metal sliding joint that will eventually gall. With any luck, though, it’ll outlast the van… which, admittedly, that kludged repair probably would have, too.


  1. #1 by hexley ball on 2012-05-27 - 13:25

    “With any luck, though, it’ll outlast the van… which, admittedly, that kludged repair probably would have, too.”

    Maybe. I tried a somewhat-similar kludge repair on our Sienna’s hatch latch handle a while ago. Used a 2-56 bolt that I sort of force-tapped into the broken plastic finger, with epoxy to hold the pieces and to bind the threads. Lasted a year and change…but then your kludge looks a lot better than mine did :-)

    In other news from the World O’ Toyotas, I was shopping for valve cover gaskets last week (don’t ask) and discovered that free market pricing is alive and well. List price for a VC gasket: $15.58. First local dealer’s price: $37.61. Second local dealer’s price: $20.61. Actual price paid to discount dealer on web: $11.69. Caveat emptor, I guess.