Plumbing Treasure Chest

As part of replacing that frostproof faucet, I had recourse to some tools & hardware that Came With the House: the previous owner had a well-stocked supply of stuff and we bought the place “with contents.”

This box of assorted washers, screws, and tools has already been more than a lifetime supply for one person:

Box of faucet washers and tools
Box of faucet washers and tools

I already had a faucet seat reamer that came in handy in our previous houses and now I have two:

Faucet seat reamer
Faucet seat reamer

The threaded shaft isn’t nearly long enough for a frostproof faucet, but it’s a standard thread and I have enough all-thread rod to cobble up something. When I get around to fixing the other outdoor faucets, I’ll give that a try.

Although I didn’t need a handle puller to dismantle the old valve (this is a staged photo op), it’s been vital elsewhere:

Faucet handle puller
Faucet handle puller

Ya gotta have stuff…

6 thoughts on “Plumbing Treasure Chest

  1. Hm. Normally when people move into a new house, they have to start all over again with pack-ratting stuff. But it appears you got a head start with a house that came pre-packratted…..

    1. a house that came pre-packratted

      We bought the place with contents to move the deal along; I could tell Ol’ Gene was a kindred spirit, even though he’d died some years earlier. We made enough on a name-your-own-price tag sale to pay for the three 30 cubic yard dumpsters required for the remainder.

      The description “it came with the house” is now firmly lodged in our jargon…

  2. Hi Ed, sorry to derail the topic but I’m kind of curious about the paper on the first picture, what does it say?

    1. The box started life as a wall-mounted first-aid kit with directions inside the lid. I’ll take a better picture of that and put it up as a post: it’s good to remember how simple things used to be…

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