Sears Kenmore Dryer Rattle: Quieter

Our re-sealed Kenmore clothes dryer developed a horrible rattle that Went Away with slight pressure here & there on various surfaces. I eventually located the most sensitive spot: inside the lint filter duct, on its upper surface. That suggested something lying atop the duct.

Remove the two screws securing the duct to the top surface, push forward on the back of the control panel, and the front of the top panel pops up. Tilt upward against the springy hinges, peer in above the duct, and what do we find?

Kenmore dryer - wire routing
Kenmore dryer - wire routing

Yup, wires resting on the duct!

There are no obvious wire guides to be found, so I’m pretty sure those wires were in pretty much that same position when I dismantled the dryer to install the new seal. In any event, they are where they are.

This not being a particularly hot area, I slipped a sheet of closed-cell foam between the wires and the duct, snapped the top down, and screwed the duct in place.

The lower catches on the front panel seem to be loose, too, so a pair of cardboard shims jammed discreetly into the lower edge of the joint on either side soaked up some spare motion with excellent noisemaking potential.

Unfortunately, fixing that rattle exposed another buzz that seems to be a loose plate buried somewhere in the back of the cabinet. Getting in there requires tearing the whole thing apart, which I’m not looking forward to in the least.

2 thoughts on “Sears Kenmore Dryer Rattle: Quieter

  1. Wouldn’t a few bits of duct tape have worked too, or does the duct get too hot for that?

    1. That’s the air exhaust from the drum, so typical adhesives would deteriorate fairly quickly. A slab of foam is about as good as it gets…

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