Replacement Oven Drawer Supports

One of the oven drawer supports in our Sears Kenmore gas range cracked and I finally got around to replacing it:

Cracked oven drawer slide and replacement
Cracked oven drawer slide and replacement

I originally thought the drawer slid on the large, blocky, well-supported lump. Nope, that delicate little tab must support half the weight of the drawer; the lump might support the drawer in another oven. Perhaps we shouldn’t store the Lesser and Least Cast Iron Pans in that drawer, but that’s where they fit best. The Greater Cast Iron Pan lives atop the stove, because it get used so often there’s no point in putting it away.

One could, of course, Fire the Thing-O-Matic! to print brightly colored plastic bits (after the usual tedious 3D modeling & trial fitting), but replacement parts cost a buck each from RepairPartsDirect. I bought three, so as to have a complete backup set, and most of the $9 total went to postage & handling.