EAGLE 6.x Manual: Printing the Whole Thing

Although reading PDF documents on the shining screen works fine for some topics, I’d much rather curl up with a printed version for the first read-through. Adobe Reader’s print-as-booklet option does all the heavy lifting required to print a PDF document four pages to a single Letter-size sheet of paper, after which I do a little slicing & binding to get a nice comb-bound book.

So I printed out the entire EAGLE 6 manual (found in /wherever/eagle-6.1.0/doc/), which led to the discovery that page 86 is missing (at least in the 1st edition version). That screws up the pagination from page 87 onward: odd-numbered pages move to the left side of the binding, even-numbered pages to the right, and the blank space reserved for the gutter / binding appears on the outside margins. Fortunately, it’s still readable.

To avoid that problem, do this:

Print Range → Pages → [1-85,301,86-334]

That selects the first set of contiguous pages, jams a copy of a “This page has been left free intentionally” page from the back of the manual in place of the missing page 86, and then selects the rest of the book.

Print the front sides, flip the stack over, print the back sides (with the same page range), and bind as usual.

FWIW, this is much better than having the printer mis-feed about 3/4 of the way through the back sides, which it has done in the past while printing a big book. I now run off about 20 sheets at a time, with only that many pieces of paper in the feeder, just to make sure it doesn’t ruin the entire job.

One could, I suppose, use pdftk to shuffle the PDF into a complete file which would Just Work, but that seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Ditto for expecting CadSoft to re-create the PDF.

Memo to Self: Check the last page. If the logical page doesn’t match what’s shown on the PDF page, then something’s wrong.