Female Cardinal With One Foot

A female cardinal missing her right tarsus has been part of the mixed flock visiting our feeder this winter:

Female cardinal with one leg

Female cardinal with one leg

She looks a bit frowsy; it’s hard for a bird to groom herself with just one leg.

I managed to get eight seconds of video that look significantly better after applying Youtube’s video stabilization:

It’s a quality of life issue, but making do with one foot is probably better than starring in a window strike:

Female cardinal - window strike

Female cardinal - window strike

All the pix were hand-held through two panes of 1955-era window glass with the lens set for maximum telephoto.


  1. #1 by Jason Doege on 2012-01-14 - 09:51

    Windows are the product of a conspiracy led by ants…

    • #2 by Ed on 2012-01-14 - 13:59

      It occurs to me that statement would remain true with are replaced by is… [grin]

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