Brita Pitcher Lid Hinge

This pitiful excuse for a hinge actually lasted far longer than I expected:

Brita pitcher lid hinge pins
Brita pitcher lid hinge pins

Also much to my surprise, the plastic solvent-bonded to itself, although I doubt either of those pins will survive another four years.

The yellow discoloration seems to be most prominent on the inside of the lid, which suggests the water is nastier than they’d have you believe. The disinfection additive has switched from chlorine to chloramine and back to chlorine over the last few years, which may have something to do with it.

9 thoughts on “Brita Pitcher Lid Hinge

    1. It’s comforting to know that valve was illegal, but … why didn’t anybody notice all that plumbing?

      1. The scary thing is that there’s been similar installations in other water treatment facilities (for cleaning purposes), but those “kludges” have had check valves and they were in use just for short periods of time, not years as in Nokia.

    1. Now, that’s slick…

      The lid doesn’t say what type of plastic it contains, but perhaps it doesn’t matter for the purposes of flame retardants & discoloration.

      Best of all, the treatment doesn’t require rocket-fuel peroxide, which is what I was afraid of when I started reading.

      1. Nobody says you can’t use 95+% if you want to – you’re over 600 miles away. :-)

        That part looks flat enough to just soak it in a dish of H2O2 soln in broad daylight for a while and see how it goes.

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