Apple Season

Our neighbor’s back yard features an unkempt apple tree about 3 feet from the fence that must be 40 feet high by now. It grows Macintosh-style fruit and drops half of them into our yard. Most land in the garden, some land in the yard, a few bounce off his plastic storage shed with resounding bonks, and every critter out there loves them. Mary makes applesauce from the best of the harvest and tosses the rest far away to keep the wasps out of her veggies.

The chipmunks and groundhogs have a belly-busting good time:

Chipmunk with apple
Chipmunk with apple

The deer, of course, eat ’em like candy, another reason for clearing the garden.

2 thoughts on “Apple Season

  1. It’s not just my uncle Uuno, who gets exited about mother nature’s fermented products…

    1. For the last two years, we’ve seen a pair of squirrels enthusiastically chase each other across the grass, up and down and all around the trees, and in general have a great time together. We think they enjoy being squirrels a lot and, as long as they don’t play in the street, the fast-twitch reflexes they’ve developed should ensure they live a long time.

      Haven’t seen ’em fall out of the trees yet…

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