New Clamp Pads: FAIL

Well, that didn’t work quite right…

Dislocated clamp pads
Dislocated clamp pads

I’d waited for a few days for the silicone to cure, then put the clamps back in their home. When I went to use them, the pads were firmly affixed to the plate. Evidently, the copper-loaded silicone gasket compound takes a few days longer than forever to cure, which is not what I gathered from reading the label.

It may well be that adhesive has aged out, because when I went to try it again, the first half-inch inside the tube had turned into solid gum. Yes, it cures inside the tube and not outside.

Other than that, it seems like good stuff; I may pick up another tube and give it a second chance. Who knows? It might be useful in a plastic extruder or something like that.

2 thoughts on “New Clamp Pads: FAIL

  1. I have to say my first thought on seeing the picture was that it looked like excrements from some kind of small dog. Btw, I’d like to steal your clamp collection. :P

    1. excrements from some kind of small dog

      Sort like we veered around on the Walkway Over the Hudson this afternoon, only much smaller and certainly more rubbery. The dog owner walked right past a kisok with free pooper pickup bags to get on the bridge, but noooo their dog wouldn’t do that… anyway, ooops, it’s not their problem.

      I think that’s why the Dutchess Rail Trail doesn’t allow horses on the gravel section that was pretty much set aside for them in the design plans… they suddenly realized nobody would carry a bushel of horse crap back to the corral and that everybody else would object to walking past steaming piles along the way. [grin]

      clamp collection

      It took decades to collect that assortment, although I really like the small plastic clamps that are fairly recent products. You can’t have too many!

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