Thing-O-Matic: Build Plate Clamps

I’m using a removable aluminum plate atop a fixed plate on the HBP, but haven’t clamped the two together because I couldn’t figure out how to do it without an overly complex gadget.

It turned out to be easier than I expected, after I found a couple of bulldog clips in a drawer while looking for something else:

Aluminum plates with bulldog clips

Aluminum plates with bulldog clips

The clip on the right must be well toward the rear in order to clear the X axis limit switch and its cable. The clip on the left then goes near the front just for symmetry.

The nozzle can’t quite reach the left clip, but it can clobber the right one. I try to align the end of the clip with the middle of the bolt heads to keep them out of the build area.

The wire handles don’t quite touch the TOM’s case on the left side and have plenty of clearance on the right. They don’t get too hot after an hour’s worth of printing; clips with solid metal handles wouldn’t work well at all.

News flash: that’s almost the last of the pink plastic!



  1. #1 by Tony Buser on 2011-05-17 - 14:39

    I used to do this with an aluminum plate on my Cupcake. One thing I ended up doing was putting a small rubber band around the clips to prevent vibrations from making the metal arms on the clips from rattling and making noise. Eventually I found that removable plates weren’t as useful as I thought they would be, so I just permanently attached the plate.

    • #2 by Ed on 2011-05-18 - 06:48

      removable plates weren’t as useful as I thought they would be

      They were pretty much mandatory with the ABS coating, if only to keep solvents out of the interior of the box. I’ve been trying Kapton since running out of pink goo and it seems to be working, but I may continue using them just to keep from scorching myself on the nozzle.

      The whole adjustable stage has grown into a kludge, but I’m unwilling to tear it down and rebuild it right now…

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