Thing-O-Matic: MK5 Plastruder Feet

The MBI assembly instructions blithely direct you to:

Using superglue, or ideally acrylic cement, you’ll want to attach the spacer feet to the bottom of the supports.

As it turns out, though, the tabs on the Support sides stand just a bit proud of the Bottom plates, so that any attempt to glue the Feet in place will simply attach them to the side tabs and nothing else. Not what you want…

So I rubbed the Bottom plates on a sheet of coarse sandpaper until everything was nice and flat:

Flattened Plastruder Support bottom plates
Flattened Plastruder Support bottom plates

Then the spacer feet glued neatly in place:

Gluing Plastruder feet
Gluing Plastruder feet

I tried to keep the acrylic cement off the tabs, so it’s theoretically possible to dismantle the whole thing, but I suspect that’ll never happen.

4 thoughts on “Thing-O-Matic: MK5 Plastruder Feet

    1. If those feet ever give me any trouble, that’s what I’ll do… for now, though, they are done!

  1. Bot is in the mail today, scheduled to arrive Friday. I plan to look at maybe trying to shine up the acrylic edges but you went the opposite on those feet from what I see in the photo. Is it not worth the shine?

    1. Nope, not there: you want nice scuffy surfaces for the solvent.

      Which, as it turns out, bonds them into a single clear block of acrylic: the scuffs vanished everywhere the solvent touched and it looks just fine!

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