Thing-O-Matic: Rod End Cap Tweakage

The Y axis rods seem to be a bit too long for the overall case size; they stuck out the better part of 2 mm.

Y axis rod protrusion
Y axis rod protrusion

I applied a 3/8-inch Forstner bit to the inside of the rod end caps to make a slightly-too-deep recess, then shimmed the hole with some cardboard to make the answer come out right.

Recessed Y-axis rod caps
Recessed Y-axis rod caps

The Z axis rods were just barely too long, but I did the same thing to those caps.

The X axis rods were fine!

2 thoughts on “Thing-O-Matic: Rod End Cap Tweakage

  1. I experienced the same problem while assembling a Thing-o-Matic, only to discover that I was trying to use the Z-rods (which are slightly longer) as the Y-rods. I swapped them out with the other rods in the kit and everything fit great.

    If you’re finding that both sets of rods are too long, you may be having another issue.

    Either way, nice fix!

    1. Yeah, I wondered about that, too, but the Z rods are also slightly too long.

      I suspect the tolerances of laser-cut plywood aren’t nearly as small as we’d like to believe.

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