Homebrew Mini-ITX LPT Bracket

I’m putting together an Atom 510 box to replace the ancient Dell currently acting as the Sherline CNC controller, with the intent of seeing whether a rather anemic low-power CPU with two cores will work as well. The system board has room for one PCI card and I figured I’d install a second parallel printer while I had the hood up.

But then I realized that the only LPT cards in my stash had tall brackets that wouldn’t fit in the new mini-ITX case.

Well, it turns out that the LPT card itself would fit in the box, so all I had to do was reshape the bracket:

  • A bit of filing on the bottom knocked off a millimeter and put a tidy taper on the tab
  • A brief session with Mr Hammer bent the top flange over, so as to meet the case mounting flange
  • A somewhat surprised tin snips removed the excess length
  • A cylindrical file chewed out a somewhat generous screw clearance notch
Finished LPT bracket
Finished LPT bracket

And then it’s just a matter of screwing things together.

LPT Bracket - outside
LPT Bracket - outside
LPT Bracket - top
LPT Bracket - top

I’ll admit the clearance from the top mounting screw to the flange is terrifyingly cozy, but I’m not averse to applying force majeure to either an unsuspecting LPT connector or the case itself…

The top view omits the screwdown clamp that secures the card to the case so you can see where the screw notch goes.

9 thoughts on “Homebrew Mini-ITX LPT Bracket

    1. The bracket was thicker than you’re supposed to cut with tin snips, but it was really soft steel and I couldn’t see how to both clamp the end and get a saw in there.

      Worked out OK…

  1. Cool! let us know how the board performs with EMC2 when you get up and running

    1. I’m trying to do this one from first principles, which means I must figure out how to recompile a kernel that both supports all the Ubuntu 10.04 baggage and has RTAI patches.

      That seems to be, but the vanilla kernel results in the dreaded black screen even without the RTAI patches, so more study is needed… I must transcribe my notes here so I don’t lose track of what’s going on!

    1. This is the Foxconn version, which I bought somewhat against the advice of the EMC mailing list… Newegg had a sale and I couldn’t hold myself back.

      So far, it seems to be working, although I’m not convinced the fans are obeying the BIOS temperature control settings. Much more on this later…

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