Aztek Brake Pad Inserts: Glazing Thereof

Went on a ride around the block and after about 4 miles discovered I had no rear brakes. Well, the brakes were there and doing the right mechanical things, but without much friction.

Did an expedient repair by squeezing strips of paper between the pads and the rim, then rolling the wheel. Came out black and graphite-looking, not oily, but didn’t improve the braking.

Rolled the bike into the shop after the ride; 23 miles without a rear brake gets my immediate attention. Wiped a lot of black graphite-looking schmutz off the rim using denatured alcohol, filed the well-glazed pads to a nice finish, and reinstalled.

These are Aztek pad inserts, which I’m trying out to see how they work. So far, not much; they seem less grippy than the ordinary Aztek pads (on the front and previously on the back) and certainly much more prone to glazing.

Memo to Self: 7792 on the odometer.

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