Visor-mounting a Third Eye Hardshell Mirror

Tweaked Third Eye Mirror
Tweaked Third Eye Mirror

The Third Eye Hardshell Mirror was designed back in the day when Bell Helmets had actual hard plastic shells over a foam core, with a lip around the shell’s edge. These days, helmets consist of an elaborate foam structure with a paper-thin plastic covering. Mary’s helmet is like that, but it has a visor and I figured the mounting clamp might grab onto that.

It almost worked, but the edge of the clamp tapered the wrong way: tightening the screw tipped the clamp away from the visor lip.

Solution: chop off the offending part of the clamp, file off the sharp edges, and screw it in place. Works like a champ.

I’m not convinced this mount will survive the test of time, though. We already know that the clever ball joint will eventually lose its griptivity, but that’s fixable.

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