Generic Sony NP-FS11 Li-Ion Packs: Rebuild FTW!

Herewith, the discharge test results for all the generic Sony NP-FS11 battery packs I have (click for a bigger image).

Sony NP-FS11 Status - 2010-04
Sony NP-FS11 Status - 2010-04

The five mostly overlapping upper traces consist of:

  • Three packs (H, K, and L) rebuilt from the eBay junkers
  • F rebuilt from a deader in my collection
  • E is an older, no-name pack that just continues to work

The rebuilt packs now have cells from that are working fine: nominal capacity 600 mAh, actual around 1200 to 1400 for a parallel pair. It’s surprising to see a cell producing its rated capacity…

The two lowest traces (G & I), plus the purple trace (J) are from the eBay source. The first two are obvious junk, but pack J is actually pretty good. The fact that it’s the best of six packs from that vendor tells you all you need to know about their QC.

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