Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic: Static IP FAIL

Once again, it seems to be impossible to set a static IP address in the Latest & Greatest version of Kubuntu… with KDE 4.whatever, the triumph of glitz over usability.

This seems peculiar, as Unix-oid operating systems have networking built into their DNA since the beginning and every single Unix-oid system has a network connection of some sort. Evidently, all Ubuntu systems for the last couple of years have had only wireless NICs and nobody in their whole obscene-gerund testing universe has ever tried to set a static IP address.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it does look that way.

The fix is the same as in 8.10… as described there.

This time, use KPackageKit (aka, the KDE package manager) to remove network-manager & plasma-widget-network-manager. Evidently, the Gnome version is pooched, too.


  1. #1 by Pete Willard on 2010-01-25 - 21:37

    I agree, and your not exaggerating, in my opinion. The Ubuntu team have really been letting this issue slide and there is really no excuse. I have a few PC’s at home. I run my servers at home on some flavor of unix usually. I settled on Ubuntu in recent months since it feels a bit like a shinier Debian, however the way have messed with the network tools the last few releases surprises me. I eventually got mine to behave (forgot how) but I end up thinking… “why did they bother?” and “do they remember the problem they were trying to fix?” I’m no newbie. I remember floppy-only releases of Slackware Linux… and the network has always been a solid part of linux.

    • #2 by Ed on 2010-01-25 - 22:17

      I’m about to give up on *Ubuntu; the number of Things That Don’t Work is exceeding my amusement threshold.

      Just did a trial install for Arch and, modulo my screwups, it looks promising if you really like fiddling with your PC rather than doing useful stuff, at least for the first two weeks or so. I don’t have that kind of time right now, but next month, we shall see…

      • #3 by CircuitGizmo on 2010-01-26 - 10:06

        “I’m about to give up on Ubuntu; the number of Things That Don’t Work is exceeding my amusement threshold.”

        I’m saddened that I have to agree with that. 8.04, 8.10, and 9.04 were getting steadily better for me and I was looking forward to 9.10. When I installed it, the dual monitor capability stopped working.

        I would think that if Ubuntu were written by one guy that didn’t have dual monitors, that would explain it. I’ll contact him and he’ll say something like “Dude! You have TWO monitors? That is really COOL!” :-(

        My confidence in Ubuntu/Linux has plummeted.

  2. #4 by beatmaster2k on 2010-01-28 - 06:54

    found this blog while searching for a solution to make my trackball work with Xubuntu 9.10.
    Anyway, I’d like to recommend the sidux distribution to you, if you really want to make a change but at the same time want to have a system that “just runs” and that has good support.
    Have a look at it, KDE4 is its default desktop environment and you won’t get messy packages like with Ubuntu.


    • #5 by Ed on 2010-01-28 - 08:08

      The fundamental problem with KDE-centric distros like Sidux is that KDE 4.x simply does not support separate X sessions on dual monitors, so I’d instantly diverge from their fundamental configuration.
      I have a landscape monitor to the left, a portrait monitor to the right, and want separate X sessions so that I can independently flip desktops on each monitor. This worked perfectly under KDE 3.5 and fails horribly, with no solution in sight, in KDE 4.x.
      It looks like Xfce, stark though it may be, is the only mainstream desktop environment capable of handling that situation, along with my collection of trackballs and tablets and whatnot.
      I’ve been fiddling with Arch Linux, which is so DE-agnostic that it’s almost painful. On the other paw, it doesn’t cover up any of the knobs, so I think I can get everything running at once.
      At least, I’ve got a page covered with notes and some positive results…

      • #6 by beatmaster2k on 2010-01-28 - 08:39

        Well, sidux is also available in an XFCE-flavor. Just choose the corresponding entry from this list: http://sidux.com/module-mirrors.html
        I have to admit that I never dealt with this particular problem with using dual-screen-setups. Wish you good luck in your search!

        • #7 by Ed on 2010-01-28 - 09:52

          It does make for an interesting configuration…

          Every distro seems to have a favorite desktop environment; Gnome is obviously the Ubuntu choice and KDE gets far less attention.

          If I were truly crazy, I’d build a Linux-from-scratch system… but that looks a whole lot like work!

  3. #8 by kg6hum on 2010-01-30 - 21:05

    I’m using Karmic and static IP addresses without any problems. It’s the standard Gnome version of Ubuntu, but it works fine for me. I just right clicked on the network icon, selected edit connections, added a new wired connection, and entered the static IP information into the IPv4 tab. The only issue I have had is not being able to have two VPNs connected at the same time.

    • #9 by Ed on 2010-01-30 - 21:19

      Would that it worked that simply for everyone…

      I did precisely the same thing and got settings that only partially saved themselves, wouldn’t auto-start, confused the no-longer-enabled DHCP settings, and finally stopped assigning the default route. After considerable fiddling and even re-installing the whole NetworkManager apparatus, I ripped it out, edited the config files, and it’s worked fine ever since.

      Beats me what’s going on, but I know I’m not alone!

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