Tour Easy: Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Modifications

Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Improvements
Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Improvements

As mentioned there, I have a pair of ERRC’s Easy Reacher underseat packs. They’re supported by an Easy Reacher rack that’s specifically designed for Tour Easy bikes.

Perhaps because I carry dense stuff in the packs, they tend to flop side-to-side. I added a rear strut across the bike frame and a pair of lengthwise plastic (acrylic?) struts to stabilize the packs.

A pair of padded clamps holds the crosswise strut to the bike frame and a washer captures the rear fender’s mounting bracket.

Looks hideous, works fine.

The black tit hanging down from the strut clamp is a bit of heatshrink tubing that cushions the kickstand when it’s up; otherwise, it rattles against the stub end of the aluminum rod.

Yeah, the bike’s pretty grubby. I’d rather ride it than wash it… and, anyway, I follow my father’s advice: “If you have to move it to clean behind it, don’t move it!

2 thoughts on “Tour Easy: Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Modifications

  1. Yannow, all these extensive modifications of the EasyTourBent bicycle have destroyed the artistic integrity of the bike’s design. I imagine the industrial designer is sitting in the corner of his Brooklyn loft in tears, consoled only by repetitive exposure to Mozart’s Requiem.

    1. Nah, Gardner Martin (no relation to Martin Gardner) has been pushing up daisies for a few years now… I’m safe. But he was doing some weird stuff, there toward the end. Look up “Virtual Rush”: a recumbent with TV optics. Some pics are there.
      Folks on the Pine Creek Gorge ride observed we carried enough stuff for an unsupported ride. Bah! When ya get a flat, don’t come cryin’ to me! Not that my tires would fit any other bike anyway…

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