Halogen Spotlights: FAIL

Exposed Halogen Spotlight Bulbs
Exposed Halogen Spotlight Bulbs

This pair of halogen outdoor spotlights has been in place for at least a decade; they don’t see much use, so the filaments haven’t burned out in all that time.

A lens fell off a few days ago, at which point I realized that it was the second lens to fall off; where the first one got to, I cannot say. I suspect they’ve never been turned on in the rain, as a single drop of water on a halogen capsule would shatter it like, uh, glass.

The right-hand bulb was evidently the first to fail, as it’s full of toasted spider silk, seed husks, and bug carapaces. The reflector aluminization doesn’t like exposure to the Great Outdoors, although it’s in surprisingly good shape for the mistreatment it’s seen.

I installed a pair of ordinary fused-glass spotlights from Ol’ Gene’s stash that Came With The House; they’ve been in the basement at least as long as those halogens have been on the side of the house. I suppose he put the good spots up there and kept the plain ones in reserve.

Maybe the “new” spots will last for another decade?

[Update: frienze reports another bulb failure…

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Before tossing out the bulb, I decided to take a few pictures.

Overview different angle
Detail of failure
Less useful detail turned the other way around

I half suspect the bulb might not actually be broken in the strict sense of the word, but I decided against actually testing that theory.

Trying to show the broken socket part is a lot harder. It doesn’t photograph well.
The broken socket
What the connector is supposed to look like (in a socket part that arrived broken just like that straight from China… and it’s not like it broke in transit; the protective top simply wasn’t there at all)
Here you can maybe see it a bit better
And here it is next to some dried garlic