Safety Principles: How Not to Guy a Tent

Tent Guy Strap
Tent Guy Strap

We were at a college graduation at a Prestigious University and this was one strap among many holding up the Big Tent over the assembled students & parents.

Pop quiz: how many safety problems can you count?

Let’s see…

  1. Frayed strap sewn to loop
  2. Strap passed around hook without thimble
  3. Knotted strap
  4. Broken hook safety latch spring
  5. General corrosion

To their credit, each perimeter pole had two straps and each strap had its own three-stake ground plate. I didn’t inspect the whole tent, but this looked like the only dodgy strap along the side I was standing at.

Note: the graduate wasn’t our daughter, so we didn’t stay for the ceremony. We gabbed it up with all the assembled relations, then split before the speechifying started. Everybody survived.