Stonework Pillar: Brace for Impact

Sometimes fake stones fall off on their own accord, but this is impact damage:

Fake Stone Pillar - Impact Damage
Fake Stone Pillar – Impact Damage

Judging from the displaced stones near the top of the picture, that pillar got hit rather firmly by something heavy.

One wonders what the front of the pickup (it’s gotta be a hulking pickup) looked like and how much that repair cost.

I’d bet substantial money on the culprit driving away without offering to pick up the pillar repair bill.

3 thoughts on “Stonework Pillar: Brace for Impact

  1. Obvious YouTube stuff. There must CCTV, dashcam or smartphone video lurking someone’s HDD?

      1. My summer camp is in the middle of nowhere and while rowing on the lake it is interesting take a look at cell phone’s WiFi analyzer. There are plenty of WIFI-cameras & a 4G base station. Good Day Sunshine George Orwell (1984 vs. 2023).

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