Epoxy Mixing Rack

First you mix the epoxy, then you blend in the dye, then you dispense it into the thing you are making. If you’re using many colors, this is obviously not the right way to go about it:

Acrylic Coaster - epoxy coloring
Acrylic Coaster – epoxy coloring

A bit of pondering converted some scrap MDF into a rack holding the little cups and dispensing pipettes:

Epoxy Mixing Rack
Epoxy Mixing Rack

The bar magnet holds the backplate against a bench block to keep it at right angles to the base while the adhesive cures. The base is three layers of MDF with no, small, and large holes fitting the cups. I expect many epoxy spills; scrap MDF reduces deep emotional bonding to the result.

The LightBurn project has the sign outline as a tool layer to simplify aligning the victims with the laser path, plus one layer defining the cuts for the three plates. I exported it as an SVG image with the same information as colored vectors for use in whatever laser control program you might use.

The SVG image as a GitHub Gist:

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