Work Glove Security Tags

Having worn my work glove collection to exhaustion, the fanciest two pairs in a new selection came with elaborate security tags:

Elaborate Security Tag dissection
Elaborate Security Tag dissection

Finding a standard tag inside inside the fancy shell shouldn’t come as any surprise, but I’m surprised the retail loss ratio for a pair of $20 gloves can support that much hardware.

I went through the self-checkout area and didn’t do anything special, so either those lanes don’t have tag scanners or the tags are security theater.

2 thoughts on “Work Glove Security Tags

  1. The tags cost pennies a piece in large quantities, so they’re worth it even on a $20 item.

    1. The receipt suggests an $11 threshold: those gloves didn’t even have a bare tag glued onto their cardboard hanger. Maybe nobody steals cheap gloves?

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