Arduino MEGA Debugging LEDs

Kibitzing on a project involving an Arduino Mega (properly MEGA, but who cares?) with plenty of spare I/O pins led me to slap together a block of LEDs:

Arduino Mega Debugging LEDs
Arduino Mega Debugging LEDs

The excessive lead length on the 330 Ω resistors will eventually anchor scope probes syncing on / timing interesting program events.

Not that you have any, but they’re antique HP HDSP-4836 tuning indicators: RRYYGGYYRR. If you were being fussy, you might use 270 Ω resistors on the yellow LEDs to brighten them up.

A simple test program exercises the LEDs:

  Debugging LED outputs for Mega board
  Ed Nisley - KE4ZNU
  Plug the board into the Digital Header pins 34-52 and GND 

byte LowLED = 34;
byte HighLED = 52;
byte ThisLED = LowLED;

void setup() {
  for (byte p = LowLED; p <= HighLED; p+=2)
    pinMode(p, OUTPUT);

//  Serial.begin(9600);

// -----
void loop() {
  digitalWrite(ThisLED, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(ThisLED, LOW);
 // delay(500);

  ThisLED = (ThisLED < HighLED) ? (ThisLED + 2) : LowLED;

//  Serial.println(ThisLED);


Nothing fancy, but it ought to come in handy at some point.

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