Natural Gas Meter non-Protection

Spotted on the way into a fast food joint:

Natural Gas Meter Plumbing - overview
Natural Gas Meter Plumbing – overview

Reading the lower meter seems particularly difficult:

Natural Gas Meter Plumbing - detail
Natural Gas Meter Plumbing – detail

Given how bollards embedded in concrete fail, they’re not providing any protection.

Did the meters get plumbed in first, with the bollards carefully fitted around them?

7 thoughts on “Natural Gas Meter non-Protection

  1. These are probably concrete filled, though. They should provide better protection than the hollow ones that broke at the gas station. I thought you were going to point out the spot where the pipe comes up out of the ground. Now that has no protection.

    1. It looks like the kind of work that checks all the boxes while not actually accomplishing the intended purpose.

      There’s zero clearance between the bollard and the meter face, so one good thwack from a bumper would surely do some damage. Fortunately, we’ll never know the rest of the story …

  2. Hard to read, yes, but it looks like it has a remote reading add-on so no-one needs to squint at the numbers.

  3. “Spike in “Chain Gang” Destructive Attacks on ATMs”

    Drive in and pull the ATM away from the wall. It was embedded into a wall, but it vanished anyway. They must be experts of embedded applications – kinda (brute force old timers? ;-)

    The modern embedded methods of stealing are totally different…

    “Checkout Skimmers Powered by Chip Cards”

    1. The amount of damage one can do when the consequences don’t matter is always impressive. Occasionally we see videos of guys ripping the guts from their feeble vehicles while attempting a stunt like that, so karma apparently does play a role.

  4. I would guess from the two capped lines that there was another meter that has since been removed, and then the bollards were put in on either side of it, but then the meter had to be replaced.

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