Elevator Control Quiz

You’re on the ground floor of a motel, on your way to your room on the second floor, and you’ve found the elevators:

Ground Floor Elevator Station
Ground Floor Elevator Station

Which one of those six button-like objects will summon the elevator for a trip up to your room?

Quickly, press one of them!

6 thoughts on “Elevator Control Quiz

    1. We generally use the stairs, except on the initial trip up, but this place build them in two absolutely least-usable places: one on the far end of a wing we weren’t in, the other with an employees-only exterior door at the bottom. We figured in the event of an actual emergency, jumping out the window (onto the pool roof!) would be safer than (trying to use) the stairs …

        1. Well, one of the panes slid six inches toward the center before hitting a stop. If lives depended on it, we would batter our way out.

  1. Since all you want is for the elevator to come “here,” only one button is necessary – the silver one on the bottom.

    My guess would be that the red-ringed button is for use by the firemen when the key switch enables it.

    1. Got it in one!

      My confusion came from assuming the lowest button called the elevator to go DOWN from this floor, wherever it is. Being that type of guy, I expect the UP button to be in the upper spot.

      Worse than that, the red-rimmed black “button” seems to be a blank just like the one in the UP spot: it doesn’t press when poked. The red fire-operation key above it seems to do everything that’s needed.

      Neither of the black rectangular slots are the displays they obviously should be.

      My rule of thumb: if it takes that much thinking, it’s wrong …

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