Rt 376 Knotweed

Last June, NYS DOT surprised us by clearing the Japanese Knotweed along Rt 376 just north of Maloney, then applying enough defoliant to keep it knocked back this Spring:

Rt 376 Knotweed - defoliation near Maloney - 2021-05-23
Rt 376 Knotweed – defoliation near Maloney – 2021-05-23

A year earlier, they clearcut the overgrowth beyond the guide rail from Red Oaks Mill southward, but without defoliant, and the Knotweed is off to a good start:

Rt 376 Knotweed - Knotweed growth - 2021-05-23
Rt 376 Knotweed – Knotweed growth – 2021-05-23

I’ll do my part, inadequate though my pruners may be:

Rt 376 Knotweed - Knotweed trimming - 2021-05-23
Rt 376 Knotweed – Knotweed trimming – 2021-05-23

I got most of the growth in front of the guide rail extending across the shoulder, but must wait for another weekend morning to hack back the main stems.

Unfortunately, Knotweed control requires nearly continuous clearcutting and defoliation to prevent new growth.

5 thoughts on “Rt 376 Knotweed

  1. Fun fact: In England, lenders consider the extent of knotweed on the property in deciding whether to give you a mortgage.

  2. Yep, I think that stuff is the new kudzu! This is the Japanese variety that has been popping up everywhere. There is also a small very that occurs in yards and ditches that I don’t believe is ever a problem (other than those who are determined to have the perfect lawn … ). It’s called pink knotweed and is vastly different. I would guess most people have seen it but most never give things like this a second glance. For reference: http://www.bio.brandeis.edu/fieldbio/Wildflowers_Site/PinkKnotweedpage/PinkKnotweedpage.html

    1. Looks like a great groundcover to me, but I admit to considerable bias: if it doesn’t need mowing, it’s all good.

      If it has nice flowers and can survive occasional mowing, it’s even better. For the first few passes of the season, I mow around raggedy patches of a mysterious purple flowering plant scattered over the front yard then, when the flowers crumple, I mow it down. Stuff is spreading despite my mistreatment, so it must be a weed …

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