Kicad-to-HAL: LoadUsr

The Kicad LOADUSR symbol puts its text directly into a HAL loadusr command:

Kicad symbol - LOADUSR
Kicad symbol – LOADUSR

Putting the same text in the LoadUsr field of a Kicad component may be tidier when there’s only one:

Kicad Symbol Properties - Logitech gamepad
Kicad Symbol Properties – Logitech gamepad

The gamepad symbol in a schematic:

Kicad-to-HAL Demo Schematic
Kicad-to-HAL Demo Schematic

Which produces this loadusr command in the HAL file:

loadusr -W hal_input -KA Dual		# input.0.0

You can edit the text after placing the Kicad component, so the symbol can contain placeholder text.

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