Blog Impulse Response: Water Heater

Somebody posted a Reddit comment linking to my post about a sensibly implemented water heater anode rod, with predictable results:

Blog Impulse - 2021-03
Blog Impulse – 2021-03

Reddit’s New Hotness has a half-life well under a day, although a steady trickle of incoming traffic will continue forever: The Internet Never Forgets.

Protip: forcing Reddit URLs to eliminates the user-hostile site layout. Manual tweaking suffices for my very few visits; you can find browser extensions for on-the-fly rewriting.

3 thoughts on “Blog Impulse Response: Water Heater

  1. The blog equivalent of “fifteen minutes of fame”. You’ve had it!

    1. And whoosh it’s gone again!

      Not quite like the bedbug incident, but, as the Prophet of Brandy Lane put it, you’re gonna get what you’re gonna get.

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