Pruning Saw Sharpening

As part of a recent homeowner project, I applied a file to dull pruning saw that, as far as I can recall, Came With The House™ and has been untouched for decades:

Pruning Saw sharpening - top view
Pruning Saw sharpening – top view

Yeah, that’s a lot of steel filings; it was really really dull. Notice how they’re neatly lined up toward the blade?

It looks better from the side:

Pruning Saw sharpening - side view
Pruning Saw sharpening – side view

Despite my crude technique, it cuts wood like a hot knife through butter.

2 thoughts on “Pruning Saw Sharpening

  1. Good work, I remember my Grandfather sharpening saws for use on the farm, the saws were always kept sharp.

    Probably almost a lost art today, bur was taught how as a kid, step one sometimes was to put a very large file on a flat surface and run the saw teeth over it a few times to get all the teeth the same height, then hand file down to where the flat spot just disappeared, then finish up sometimes with a teeth setter to make sre the proper set was on the teeth so the saw did not jam.

    1. I should have done that, but it was in such bad shape anything, even my crude filing, was an improvement! [grin]

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