Outdoor Junction Box: Stretch to Fit

For whatever reason, a two-outlet junction box stands outside the Credit Union:

Outdoor Junction Box - angled conduit
Outdoor Junction Box – angled conduit

The slanted conduit certainly looks in need of an elbow to line it up, doesn’t it?

It seems whoever installed it, many years ago, simply forced the conduit to line up, no matter the consequences:

Outdoor Junction Box - open wiring
Outdoor Junction Box – open wiring

The threaded entries on the die-cast outlet box were never intended to cope with that much misalignment; half the bottom has vanished. I think the round box on the top originally held a floodlight to wash the (uninspired) building facade at night, but those days are long gone.

If the conduit has horizontal underground runs, both are certainly full of water by now. The white(-ish) “Romex” cable insulation looks like ordinary indoor wiring, not the grayish direct-burial sheath, but it may be sun-bleached after years of exposure.

Surely there’s a tripped GFI on that circuit …

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Junction Box: Stretch to Fit

  1. Reminded me of a vertical conduit run taking power into a building, the pipe looked a bit rough and when I pushed gently on the pipe it became obvious that it was a couple of good coats of paint were all that were keeping that part of the pipe together. Happily the rest of the conduit looked OK.

    1. “Good coats of paint” on conduit? You’re definitely in an upscale neighborhood! [grin]

      1. Actually a historic building on Federal Property/Military Base!

        You need to give more credit to Federal Paint Standards :)

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