Robin Nest: Construction

A pair of robins picked the best place for their nest:

Garage Robin Nest
Garage Robin Nest

I disabled the remote control for those spotlights, as we won’t be using them for a while.

Although I’m sure it’s a wonderful nest, robins certainly leave plenty of debris around their construction site:

Garage Robin Nest - overview
Garage Robin Nest – overview

I can’t figure how to mount a camera close enough for a good view and keep it out of their landing pattern.

3 thoughts on “Robin Nest: Construction

  1. Robins are interesting, but can be boneheaded. Had one build a nest on top of equipment in the implement shelter, complete with eggs. Discovered it too late and Mama took off for good.

    Another was thinking of doing a nest in a fenced enclosure. The dogs took a dim view of the intruder, and the robin squawked when I picked her up and got her out of there.

    1. The last robin nest suddenly appeared atop a rake I carelessly hung on the top of a garage windowframe, just around the corner; worked OK until a bluejay cleaned out the eggs. This one seems more protected, but the wall will definitely need washing after they’re finished.

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