Groundhog Activity

The groundhog responsible for trimming the lawn greenery in our area has discovered the long-disused driveway salt barrel:

Groundhog - in salt barrel
Groundhog – in salt barrel

There’s always another appointment on the calendar, though:

Groundhog - trotting on driveway
Groundhog – trotting on driveway

A busy critter with no time to waste!

2 thoughts on “Groundhog Activity

  1. A year ago in Oct, right about the time I wanted to turn on the furnace, there was a horrible scratching banging thumping noise from the furnace. I rounded up a live trap, built a panel to take up the rest of the filter door opening, and put it in place. Yep, a groundhog had climbed in the make up air intake, fell 6′ onto the filter, destroyed that, went into the fan compartment and bit the thermostat wires off. I moved it a mile east, to a park that runs along a creek. and put some steel mesh over that make up air thingy

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