Soundbar Power

A Dell soundbar under the landscape monitor suffices for my simple audio needs, and, when the Dell U2711 went toes-up, I conjured a 12 V wart from the heap. A recent cleanup made a smaller wart available, but required mating two coaxial plugs:

Coax power plugs - brass tube connector
Coax power plugs – brass tube connector

A snippet of brass tube suffices for the center pin. The outer shell is a larger brass tube, slit lengthwise, trimmed to fit the plug circumference and rolled around a smaller drill bit to make it springy in the right direction.

A wrap of silicone tape and it’s all good:

Dell Sound Bar power splice
Dell Sound Bar power splice

Ugly, but good.

4 thoughts on “Soundbar Power

    1. Yup, then I’d have a wart permanently joined to the sound bar, ensuring one or the other would fail in short order. Gimmick up a connector and they’ll last forever.

      Bonus: I’ll never take ’em apart for any other reason!

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