6 thoughts on “Obfuscated Signage

  1. Odd wording and unusual capitalization, but I see these things everyday. Gotta wonder who wrote this and who let it loose too early. In serious need of being proofed by someone.

    1. Nothing clears the fog from my eyes like seeing my words in print: going read-only makes all whoopsies obvious. I should give ’em the benefit of the doubt …

  2. Possibly this gravel track/path doesn’t meet the required accessibility standards (it doesn’t look great for wheels) so the sign’s there to dissuade entry via that route. Might prevent the venue/location being sued if someone’s wheelchair got stuck. So, awkward language aside, it’s informative and useful.

    1. Ah, yes, accessibility … or the lack thereof, which we all take for granted. There’s a story concerning accessibility which I’m not at liberty to discuss, for the usual not-relevant-here reasons. [grin]

  3. Funny thought – the NCSU Veterinary School has a toxic plant garden so they can show Vet students what to look for in the pasture when a horse keels over. It’s got a high fence around it and an intimidating gate – there’s some nasty stuff in there, I’m told. Does Vassar operate a teaching garden in some corner, per chance?

    1. They have a greenhouse on campus and a Field Station at the far end of the Ecological Preserve, but AFAIK they don’t have a specific garden program.

      The sign was at an arboretum attached to a college in Maryland, so they should’a knowed better.

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