Runtime Error!

Spotted high on the wall of the local USPS office:

Windows Runtime Error - VLC - monitor
Windows Runtime Error – VLC – monitor

A closer look:

Windows Runtime Error - VLC
Windows Runtime Error – VLC


The USPS uses VLC. Who knew?

I darken their doorway so infrequently I have no idea what’s normally displayed up there. Surely it shows advertisements for USPS products, which begs the question: why VLC?

4 thoughts on “Runtime Error!

  1. I’ve noticed VLC as a staple on computers for a while now (at schools, universities, libraries and companies), perhaps because it plays and converts “everything.” So if it’s not merely an accident of my personal observations and the same trend exists in America, the answer could be as simple as because it’s part of the standard image.

    Also of course VLC is (supposedly) easy to script.

    1. Also, VLC is free-as-in-beer (plus -as-in-speech, of course), which may explain all the evidence without contradicting any.

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